Free Dictation

directly to dictation app

Professional Dictation Free

The DictaNet Basic Dictation System is free. This allows up to 15 minutes of recorded dictation on your smartphone. The recording is encrypted before being sent to the secretary. The DictaNet 1 software receives the dictation, which can now be edited.

DictaNet App

Secure and Mobile Dictation

The free DictaNet App enables dictations to be recorded using your smartphone. With encryption the data is sent via e-mail or Wi-Fi to your secretary. Using the Sclip feature you can send voice instructions as well.

directly to dictation app

DictaNet 1

Simple reception and editing 

The basic dictation system DictaNet 1 enables the secretary to receive the dictation. Editing is possible with any word processing software. Playback can be paused, started, and rewound using the advanced SclipWriter keyboard control. Alternatively, a conventional USB footswitch can be used.

Online Speech Recognition and Transcription (Payable)

Online Speech Recognition enables your dictation to automatically be converted to text (transcription). This is highly cost effective because you (or the secretary) only have to do the formatting. Recordings can be sent to the speech recognition server from DictaNet 1 and from the DictaNet App.


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DictaNet 1: Free digital dictation
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